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Stop Bombing Yemen

Dear United Nations, African Union, European Union, and Arab league,  

I am writing you to help put a stop to the bombardments in Yemen.

Saudis has started a war against Yemen on the 25 of March 2015, in an attempt to reinstate the Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi back to power as a result of the control of he get lost control of Yemen to Houthis' leaders on 21 September 2014.

Yemenis were isolated from the air, sea and land as no trading no traveling and no fishing. After more than three weeks of daily bombings 2500 of civilians were killed including 300 children, as 3 million students could not go to schools.

On 20th of April the most powerful explosions in Saudi-led airstrike campaign of Yemen in the capital of about 3 million population, Sana'a, have destroy huge parts of the city as about 300 were killed and 3000 were injured while the numbers of air strikes bombs get to be more than 2300.

According to the UN agency for refugees, more than 150,000 people have been displaced in Yemen since the start of the Saudi-led air campaign, while over 300,000 have fled their homes since the beginning of the conflict.

The Saudi-led coalition has imposed restrictions on airspace and ports, preventing humanitarian supplies from making it into the country.

Sign this petition to support the Yemenis and to tell Saudi Arabia to stop bombing Yemen. 

Saudi airstrikes on Yemen is a war crime!


Siblings Amira and Ebrahim Al-Sharif,

Saudis has started a war against Yemen on March 25 to get the Yemeni president back to power as he lost control of Yemen as a result of the control of Houthis' leaders.

Yemenis were isolated from the air, sea and land. 2500 of civilians were killed including 300 children as 3 million students could not go to schools. Airstrikes were attacking more than 2300 times so far with no attention from powerful countries, media, or humanitarian organizations.

This war has started without any legal permission from neither the United Nations nor the Arab League.

The airstrikes in the war-torn Yemen has been conducting in cooperation with Saudis allies that passing through economically issues which could be easy to solve by Saudis. Egypt, Jordan, and Sudan were involved in this in addition to the Gulf countries, GCC, that are united with Saudis except Oman and Pakistan that refused to be a part of killing Yemenis.

The war in Yemen is a proxy war between Saudi and Iran but happening toughly in Yemen but happening toughly in Yemen. Saudis is making genocide for civilians in Yemen. Yemenis civilians become victims of Saudis, Houthis, ex-president, ISIS, AlQaida, and the movement in the South recently.

Saudis mentioned that they target only Houthis, but through inaccurate missile strikes and a lack of information of the situation on the ground while innocent civilians make the majority of the casualties were killed. The damage in infrastructures are paralyzing as there are lack of water, fuel, medical supplies, food and first aids.

Saudi Arabia is slowly sending Yemen and its civilians back to the ‘dark ages’ which will allow Saudis to build new allies to devour Yemen again.

Yemenis mainly get their livelihood from other countries as wheat is not produced locally and now all trades' means are blocked. This will result in real hunger which leads to death. Also, electricity, water, petrol, gas, health services, internet, and safety are not available in a way or another.

As Saudis jet fighters has destroyed the houses of innocent people, food and cement factories, stores of wheat and all oil and gas transport vehicles. F-16 aircraft, chemical bombs and street fighting target Yemenis' lives, weapons' stores, civilian airports, bridges, stadiums, factories, presidential palaces, and crowded cities were attached and bombed.

The first targets of the first air strikes were civilians living beside the National Yemeni Airport in the capital, Sana'a. Military bases are located in the center of the main cities in Yemen nearby schools, houses and public and health institutions.

Innocents in the cities of Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, and Sa'ada are facing a slow death while air strikes continue to destroy vital infrastructures.

Saudis' boarders were not open to assist Yemeni refuges that evacuated from conflicts areas as those groups have no choice except to sail through the sea to Somalia and Djibouti.  While thousands of Yemenis are stuck in airports abroad. Egypt has recently changed its policy and now required Yemeni citizens to attain a visa although for decades Yemenis have been free entre Egypt for medical, educational, and touristic reasons.

The psychological impact of daily bombardments of the population after three weeks there has not been a ceasefire, or a stop in the bombing campaign, three weeks is a long time to live under bombs. The fact that Aqap are strengthening their hold in the east of the country.

Is killing thousands of civilians including children and damaging all life's means justifying getting a president to power.

This president was enforced by foreign states in 2011 as a part of the Golf initiative.  Do you think Yemenis will accept such a president after all damage that has happened to Yemen? The president was rejected by the southern people including his own people and rejected by a lot of the social segments including Houthis, Islah party, and former president party before he escaped to Saudi‫. Now the solution is to return to the negotiating tables with mediators such as Oman and the UN without any interventions of Saudis, Americans, or Iranians. Yemen was under the tutelage of Saudis the past 100 years.

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Please sign this petition and  email it to Ban Ki-moon, local MP, various UN special rapporteurs, Media publicatins, and NGOs to call on a stop to the bombardments and a return to negotiations.


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